This site was established by an aspiring team of bloggers across Miami and Fort Lauderdale whose objective is to provide insights on how to live comfortably in these major cities of Florida. These bloggers are all migrants who were born and raised in different countries but had chosen to move in these cities to start a new life. They are being led by their team leader, Therese. Together, they seek to explore various topics of interest which may be beneficial to their readers who are from these cities or have plans of moving in these cities in the near future.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about careers, services and new trends which are accessible in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It also aims to help new migrants to have a good head-start in their new home; and to make them gain a new sense of appreciation for what lies ahead for them in these cities. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are not just beautiful places to live in; both locales also promise a great deal of lifetime opportunities and relevant services for its residents so they can always have comfortable and rewarding lives. 

As readers, you can expect this team of Miami and Fort Lauderdale bloggers led by Therese to constantly provide you with valuable content and pieces of advice to make your life in these cities worthwhile and more meaningful. They will also continue to provide you with eye-openers and general topics so you can always look forward to starting a new life in these highly encouraging and progressive cities.